Sunday, January 7, 2007

The journey begins!

Hello all! Greetings from Wewak PNG! Home of the Sepik, the mosquito, mildred the cassowary and the never ending stench of well.. PNG! The flights up were a success and arrived early Sunday evening to a sea of black people awaiting arrivals. My dad was not hard to miss!
So far i've had the grand tour, fed the cassowary, avoided the mossies and checked out the hospital. Hope the photos do this place the justice it deserves! There's not much in the way of entertainment.. television consists of one channel... the snow report.. oh yeah & a bit of channel 9! Am glad i brought my lap top & a variety of dvd's to entertain me in the evening.. it's actually a bit difficult to hear anything at night as the roaring & crashing of the waves are bloody loud! It kinda sounds like there's a massive thunderstorm outside! The people seem relatively friendly, always waving and smiling. Looking forward to the hospital work! Already been introduced to the theatres.. 1 & 2! And the emergency department (photo!). Snooped around a bit & sussed out the obstetric ward, the pathology lab and contemplated photographing the blood trail leading to the door of the path lab but opted not to! Must upload my photos before the power cuts out! Love to you all.. especially the family fan base back in brisvagas & U.S. Give the kiddies a big cuddle from me!
PS. It's damn hot.
PPS.. Lin.. bring more dvd's! And mosquito things!

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